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Breads & Spreads

Being from an endless line of great cooks and bakers, I have not a single reason — with the knowledge given me — not to use it all and pass it around. Now comes the time for measuring out the particulars of a culinary education. Here, I am compelled to discuss Mama’s Hushpuppies and Zesty Cocktail Sauce . . . and, there, to explain
why Date Nut Bread and Orange Cream Cheese Spread are the perfect addition to baby and wedding showers. Hence, Breads & Spreads.


My desire to compile a cookbook of family recipes and ever-evolving discoveries comes from a love of good food, a fascination with stories, and a commitment to a delicious table spread for family and friends. 


This book embraces our rural traditions and our metropolitan range. 


My love of the country life starts with the ease of picking the seasons in Daddy’s Pulaski
garden. When he calls me with “the cherries are ready,” I know that a trip to his garden will
lead to the most scrumptious jam.


My love of the city ranges from sampling new restaurants to shopping for exotic ingredients. 


I give nods to my Giles County roots and my Nashville wings. I am grateful for all that Mama and Grandmommie passed along to me. Now it’s my great honor and pleasure to share it with you.

Breads & Spreads

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