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Under the Apron Strings: The Culzean Castle

This past week we spent time visiting the Culzean Castle, Scotland’s hidden gem. Built in the late 1770s, the castle serves as an interesting piece of Scottish and American history. Originally built to serve as the seat of the 10th Earl of Cassilis’s Earldom, the property was later given to the National Trust of Scotland and the penthouse apartment gifted to Dwight D. Eisenhower to recognize his status as the Commander of the Allied Forces during WWII.

Given its original status as the center of an Earldom, the Culzean Castle, was embellished with ornate architecture and adorned with elaborate finery.

Of course, my favorite room was the kitchen – lined with rows and rows of copper pans leading you to the large stone hearth, perfect for entertaining the many guests of the Earldom with ease. A menu card from Christmas of 1864 let visitors take a look at the finer meals served at the castle. Many of these dishes are still served in Scotland and the United States alike for Christmas celebrations – a testament to their longevity and the tradition of food and celebration.

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