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Under the Apron Strings: Summer in Giles County

I often find myself reminded of home in the subtlest of ways. Some days, it is the sun shining just right and others, it’s the first bite of homemade ice cream that tastes just like Grandmommies. Even though home can be found in those sunshiny days and cool tastes of ice cream, there’s nothing quite like crossing the Giles County line and knowing I am home.

Giles County has been home to my family for generations. For us, tracing our roots can be as easy as looking at an old newspaper clipping – events, awards and celebrations all perfectly preserved in the crisp pages of The Giles Free Press.

This time of year brings back some particularly fond memories of the Giles County Fair. My family has always participated in the fair festivities, from pageantry to prize winning produce, the Rose family name could be heard throughout the fairgrounds. In the 1959 Giles County Fairest of the Fair, Mama wore a dress handmade by Grandmommie. I followed in her footsteps 23 years later and would go on to win first runner up in both categories.

Our participation in the fair festivities didn’t stop there: Mama also served up prize winning peppers, tomatoes, preserves, and flower arrangements. Her and Daddy’s flower garden was a sight to behold in the summertime.The yard was full to the brim with fresh blackberries, bright and aromatic flowers and herbs, and the constant hum of bees hard at work, helping Mama and Daddy’s garden flourish in the hazy August heat.

I hold all these memories close to my heart, especially when I find myself spending time away from Pulaski. The fair, the garden, and the beautiful dresses, handmade by my Grandmommie, are all back in Giles County. But the memories? They are with me everyday.

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