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Under the Apron Strings: Mother's Day

Yesterday was a day full of emotion; it was my first Mother’s Day without my Mama. I have often been humbled by the knowledge of how blessed I am to have celebrated her each year on Earth, when many people do not get to celebrate with their mothers on this special day. I now know how it feels and it is a feeling of great loss.

Last year, as I wrote Mama’s eulogy, I had an opportunity to reflect on all her accomplishments – and there are many. Out of all of them, however, it seems to me the greatest of her achievements, and her largest role, was that of “our Mama”. A mama who rose early every day and worked her fingers to the bone. A mama that made us biscuits for every morning and readied us for school, work, and play. She saw to it that we were in our Sunday best every Sunday. She was a Godly woman with many talents, who cared for us first and foremost. Our mama made every occasion more special with her thoughtfulness and love.

She was an angel on earth and is now one watching over us in heaven.

The sadness that this year’s Mother’s Day brought was lessened by the birth of my first granddaughter, Rose Marie Taylor, earlier this year. Mama would be so proud of this sweet little girl, as she was of her five other great-grands. This Mother’s Day was made special by the fact that it is Lilly’s first Mother’s Day as a mother and my first as a grandmother.

I hope we were all able to have a happy Mother’s Day, reflecting on the blessing of our Mamas, either here on earth or in heaven.

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