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Under the Apron Strings: California Travels

Alton and I spent some time in California recently and while we enjoyed the cooler weather and beautiful West Coast sights, the real highlight was the food.

Boudin Bakery

Crab from the Franciscan Crab Restaurant, lobster roll from Old Port Lobster Shack, calamari from Moss Beach Distillery, breakfast from Boudin.

We dined on amazing seafood, fresh-baked food, and all types of cheese. The Cheese School of San Francisco taught a wonderful class on cheeses from around the world and we were able to pair them with aromatic wines.

Top Left to Right Purple Haze Chèvre Mt. Alice from von Trapp Farmstead Prairie Breeze Cheddar La Dama Sagrada from Spain Moliterno al Tartufo from Italy Bay Blue from Marshall, CA

Check out more pictures from our time in California here.

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