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Under the Apron Strings: A Magical Fall Family Wedding

There are few things better than celebrating love with the people you love. Last week, Alton and I had the opportunity to host the rehearsal dinner for our youngest, Robert and his, now wife, Haleigh. My heart could not be more full. I want to use today’s blog to share with everyone some beautiful moments, and of course, delicious food, from the rehearsal dinner.

We wanted the night to feel as magical as possible, setting the dinner under ample string lights, assisting the twinkle of the stars in the Tennessee sky. To add to the ethereal evening, I put together floral arrangements with oranges and deep reds and yellows to add the Fall wonderland feeling.

Alton and I came together to create the cocktail hour food – boiled shrimp, crab claws and charcuterie fit for a king helped tide people over until dinner time. Chef’s Market took over when it came to dinner, starting off the meal with a beautiful Fall pear and goat cheese salad. Next came the buffet where guests could help themselves to sage and apple stuffed chicken breast, Belle Meade Bourbon braised short ribs, creamy basil risotto, fire roasted vegetables and assorted rolls.

When it came to dessert, I baked chocolate chip cookies, chess, chocolate and pecan mini pies and caramel cake bites. The sweet Fall flavored morsels were the perfect size after a large and delicious meal – and easy to carry out if you weren’t quite ready for dessert!

And of course, the couple was absolutely beautiful. You could feel their love for each other and their family and friends radiate through the room the entire night. Crisp cool air, and falling leaves set the scene for the perfect night for the most perfect couple.

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